Thumbnails by Navpics

Show your product thumbnails in each auction

The Navpics patented service offers the auction seller a way to display pictures of their current products in every one of their listings. In addition, a buyer can go directly from one listing to another of the same seller's listings. Navpics thumbnails increase the seller's visibility on the web. When an auction is viewed, the customer is presented with pictures of the seller's other auctions. By clicking on the thumbnail, the customer visits that auction. Customers view your auctions longer and more often.

Your customer stays on the auction that drew his interest. Instead of the ""Click here to see my other auctions." and leaving that auction, the customer can view more of your products but not leave the page.

The thumbnails are refreshed every day. When listings expire they are dropped from the thumbnails and replaced with pictures from the seller's other listings.

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Patent Numbers 7319981, 7418411, 7418412.