Thumbnails by Navpics

As little as 25 cents a day

"...I realized that if a thumbnail click led to one extra sale, it paid for itself. Navpics thumbnails were too cheap not to use..."

For as little as 25 cents a day ($7.50 a month), you get the new Navpics thumbnails including magnified images, an eye-catching changing thumbnail, and pages of thumbnails showing your specific items for sale.

Just 25 cents buys you up to 100 auction views (think all your auction listing counters added together). After that a penny buys each additional 10 views.

Free Trial

NO Risk.
NO Obligation.
NO money up front.

You'll get a usage report near the end of the trial.

Then decide if it's worth the price to advertise your merchandise.

Total Views
per Day
Daily Charge
100 Views$0.25
200 Views$0.35
300 Views$0.45
400 Views$0.55
500 Views$0.65
600 Views$0.75
700 Views$0.85

Maintain a positive balance and your Navpics thumbnails continue to display in your auction listings, automatically updated to remove expired listings. You will receive a statement from us showing your daily usage and charges.

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Patent Numbers 7319981, 7418411, 7418412.